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How can I get information on an open case?

  • If you are enquiring about a baggage claim 'PIR' (loss, delay or damage), you can get more information by calling the number you were given when you submitted your claim at the airport or through the 'online' baggage tracking service.

  • If your claim is related to Iberia Plus, please use the contact email, fax or telephone number indicated in your Iberia Plus Service Centre or fill in the form.

  • If you want to check the status of claim already submitted, please use this form Check the status of your incident.

  • If your enquiry is related to a claim not mentioned above, we apologise for not getting in touch with you before now. Our customer service team is currently working on your claim. We aim to resolve all incidents within 21 days, but sometimes we need to request information from other parties and this can lead to a longer resolution time.

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