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What is understood by minor?

Iberia considers a minor to be a person who has not reached the age of 18 on the date of travel. Different fares apply according to the passenger's age group:

  • Under 2 years on outward and return flights (INF). Between 30% and 10% of the adult fare, travelling on an adult's lap. The free baggage allowance is the same as that of the accompanying adult and you can also bring a folding pushchair or car seat.

  • 2 to 11 years inclusive (CHD). 50% of the full adult fare (i.e. with no restrictions) on domestic flights. For reduced fares, the percentage will depend on the fare chosen. On international flights, the percentage will vary according to the destination and fare. This discount does not apply to certain special offers. These passengers will occupy a seat on the flight and will have the same free baggage allowance as the accompanying adult.
    For children between ages 5 and 11 inclusive who need to travel alone, you must book our Unaccompanied minors service.

  • 12 and over (ADT). The adult fare applies. These children may travel alone but Iberia offers an unaccompanied minors service. Check fees, recommendations and other details under Children travelling alone.

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