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What is the ticket number?

The ticket number (TKT or e-Ticket) is a 13-digit code in which the first 3 digits identify the airline that issued the ticket. The Iberia ID is 075.
When you book a flight through, you receive a confirmation email indicating the number of your ticket (this will always begin with 075) and your Booking code or record locator.

If it appears as 'pending' (Request mail in progress), it means that the ticket is still in the process of being issued. You will get a confirmation email when the process is complete. If this is not the case, call our Booking Service to check that everything is in order.

When you get your boarding pass, you will see the ticket number and record locater at the top right-hand corner, just under the barcode.
All fees and taxes levied on air transport are included in the ticket price and will be itemised, once they have been added to the ticket price, in the fees and taxes field.
We recommend that you keep your confirmation email with all your travel details until the end of your trip.

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