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What are the requirements for unaccompanied minors?

Iberia treats minors aged 12 and over as adults for the purposes of travelling alone (this may not be the case with other airlines or when travelling to/from countries with different laws).

For children between ages 5 and 11 inclusive, you must book our Unaccompanied minor service. This option is also available for minors aged 12 and over.

This services ensures that children are cared for from the moment the person in charge of them hands them over at check-in at the departure airport until they are handed over to the authorised person at the destination airport, including during transit in the case of connecting flights. Children will be accompanied by our staff at all times to ensure their safety and well-being until they reach the destination.
The person responsible for the child must hand them over in person to the airline, remain at the airport  and be available for contact by mobile phone until the departure of the flight.

The following details will be required: personal details and contact phone number of the child's guardians, both at the departure and destination airports; plus the following form: Mandatory Release of Liability Form
You can download this form and fill it in advance to save time at the airport. You should also make sure that the child is carrying all the necessary travel documents.

At Spanish airports, the guardians or family members of minors under 14 travelling alone are allowed to enter the boarding area on the day and at the time of the flight. Once you have booked the unaccompanied minor service, you will need to request a companion ticket at the Iberia check-in desk. You will also need to show your valid passport or ID card to accompany the child through security control.

Special cases

  • In the US A, the unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children under 15.

  • The Italian authorities require all children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult. Otherwise, you must book the unaccompanied minor service for children of this age travelling from Italy. Italian unaccompanied minors under 14 (UMNR) must also carry a passport and a sworn statement signed by their parents or legal guardians.

  • Flights to/from Mexico
    All children travelling to/from Mexico alone or accompanied by someone other than their parent or legal guardian will need to show a document signed by both parents, or the parent who has custody or the person who has guardianship, before a notary public or the relevant authority, where it states that the child is allowed to leave the country. If the document is issued abroad, it must be legalised or certified by apostille, as applicable, and translated if issued in a language other than Spanish. In the specific case of Spain, the police department can issue an authorisation document for these cases.

  • Air Shuttle.
    Minors must show their ID card or passport when purchasing Air Shuttle tickets. If accompanied by a parent, their ID card can be linked to the minor's ticket.

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