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What are my options if my flight has been cancelled?

If your flight has been cancelled or you have experienced any other type of disruption (long delay, denied boarding…), you have a series of options in accordance with the regulations applicable to your jurisdiction. In certain cases these may include the right to obtain a refund for your ticket, as stipulated in Regulation CE 261/2004 of 11 February. The options available include the following (*):

  • An alternative flight proposed by Iberia to take you to your final destination as quickly as possible.

  • You may also choose an alternative flight of your convenience; or

  • if you no longer wish to travel, you may request a refund of your booking free of charge, choosing between a voucher or cash returned to you through the same method you used to buy your ticket.

You can manage most of the these options through your personal area in Manage your booking. If you bought your ticket through an agency or intermediary, you may have to request a cash refund through them. However, if you do not get a reply from them, you may also request the refund directly through our Customer Service Offices.

(*) The options shown are those that apply in accordance with the aforementioned Regulation CE 261/2004. You can check your passenger rights.

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