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On-board menu

Check the range od food and drink offered on all our flights and in all our classes. The On-board service times section shows the different meals served, which vary according to destination, class, flight time and time of day.

In Economy class on short and medium-haul flights we offer a new concept called Gastrobar with two different types of service: the new Buy on Board menu with products offered during the flight, such as sandwiches, snacks and drinks, and the Pre-order service with a variety of menus and dishes, all made with fresh seasonal ingredients, that you purchase before the departure of your flight to enjoy on board.

If you want to book a special meal, you can do so under manage your booking once your flight has been confirmed. We offer this service to customers travelling in Business class on flights of more than 90 minutes and to customers in Economy class on flights with a duration of more than 4 and a half hours.
We offer the following special meals: Asian vegetarian, vegan vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian, low-fat, low-lactose, low-calorie, low-salt, diabetic, gluten intolerant, baby meal, Kosher, Muslim and non-vegetarian Hindu.

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