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How many items/kilos of luggage can I check in?

The number of pieces you can take for free will depend on the destination and the class in which you are flying. If you don't want to pay an excess baggage fee, make sure you comply with the size and weight limitations:

  • - No bag should exceed 158 cm in length, including the handle, pocket and wheels.
  • - The free maximum weight is 23 kg, but you can check in up to 32kg paying a fee for each excess kilo .

Any item that exceeds your free checked baggage allowance is treated as excess baggage. Both the price of the additional baggage and the excess weight cost (from 23 to 32 Kg) are fixed amounts based on the destination (short, medium or long-haul).

Check your free checked baggage allowance and the prices for extra and excess baggage with our allowance in hold.

You can add extra baggage in advance and get a 50% discount on the price at the airport:

  • When you make your booking or later, through manage my booking (first extra bag).
  • During online check-in if you need to take more bags.

Once you've added and extra bag, you can't cancel it or get a refund.

You can also pay the excess baggage fee by credit card at the check-in desk at the airport. And when you can't add extra baggage online, depending on:

  • The departure airport.
  • When your trip (or part of it) is operated by a different airline.

If you are travelling with excess baggage, you should arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before the recommended time.
We do not currently offer the option of paying for extra bags or excess weight with Avios.

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