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How do I request assistance for passengers with special needs?

A traveller with special needs is considered to be a person suffering from a recent or chronic illness; a pregnant woman or woman who has recently given birth; and anyone who needs help to travel (wheelchair, oxygen supply, guide dog, etc.).

In accordance with general regulations, you should consult your doctor before travelling if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Chronic respiratory problems

  • Severe anaemia

  • Unstable diabetes or cancer

  • If you take immunosuppressive drugs

And in general anyone whose situation poses questions for whatever reason about their fitness to travel. The following cases may require clearance from our Medical Service:

  • Need for oxygen supply.

  • Use of an independent incubator for premature babies.

  • Inability to understand and carry out instructions.

  • Patients with acute or chronic illnesses, or who are convalescing from surgical operations for whom travelling could cause aggravation or death due to their situation at the time of the flight.

Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) are defined as people whose mobility is reduced by physical incapacity (sensory or locomotor), or intellectual deficiencies due to advanced age, illness or other disability when using transport, and whose situation requires special attention and the specific adaptation of the services available to all passengers.

Iberia works closely with the airport authorities in each country to facilitate your travel and ensure you have the safe and comfortable trip you deserve by law. Plan your trip in good time and bear in mind all your needs. For more information about any special services you need, fill in our form.

To ensure that everything is ready when you arrive at the airport, we recommend that you request special assistance at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight.
You can check other details about regulations, transport of wheelchairs, assistance dogs and special services at the airport and on board.

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