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How can I travel with my baby?

If you need to take a pushchair when travelling with your baby or child, you have several options.

  • Keep the pushchair until you board the plane. If there is space on the flight, you can take it into the cabin. Otherwise, the flight crew will place it in the hold and give it back to you at the aircraft door on arrival. We can't guarantee this service at every airport in the Iberia Group network. Some destinations ban the use of pushchairs at the airport in accordance with local regulations. On these routes, you will have to pick up your pushchair in the baggage reclaim hall on arrival. And if you have a connecting flight, you will have to check in the pushchair to your final destination.

  • Check in the pushchair with all your other luggage free of charge. If you check it into the hold, you can pick it up with your other luggage in the baggage reclaim hall on arrival.

Iberia understands what travelling with a small child means and therefore assigns the same free baggage allowance as that of the accompanying adult, plus a folding pushchair or a car seat.
You can also take a bag with food, drink and any other essential items for the flight.

To make your baby's journey more comfortable, on intercontinental flights we provide a certain number of carrycots for babies up to 8 months old with a maximum weight of 11kg.
Cots and seats for accompanying adults cannot be booked online so you will need to contact our Booking offices. Depending on the cabin class in which you are travelling, there may an additional cost for advance seat selection.

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