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Can I take liquids in my hand luggage?

For departures from any airport in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, USA and South Africa, regulations apply liquid restrictions (or similar) in hand luggage. You can take small quantities of liquids, creams or similar in 100 ml containers, up to a maximum of 1 litre, which you must place in a clear plastic bag with an adhesive or zip lock and present separately from your hand luggage at security control.
You are exempt from this restriction if:

  • You are travelling with babies, because you can take baby milk or juice.

  • If necessary, you can take dietary products, medication (liquid, gel or spray), insulin and any other necessary medicine in a sufficient quantity for the duration of the flight. You will need to show proof of your condition or a doctor's prescription at security control.

  • Items purchased at an EU airport in the shops accessible to passengers only or on board the planes of EU airlines.

These limitations do not apply to liquids placed in the hold as checked luggage, although we recommend that you do not pack fragile or glass objects to avoid accidents (perishable and fragile goods travel under your responsibility).

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