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Can I select a seat next to the emergency exit?

You can select a seat near the emergency exit on Iberia and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights. These seats include the Economy XL type so you will also have more space.
For safety reasons, you can only occupy these seats if you are able-bodied and can understand printed and verbal safety instructions given in Spanish or English.
You must also be 12 or over and have sufficient strength to open the emergency door, and you must be willing to help if the situation so requires.

You cannot select or occupy an emergency seat if:

  • • You have difficulty moving quickly because of your height, physical complexion, age or illness.
  • • You need a seat belt extension.
  • • You are in an advanced stage of pregnancy.
  • • You are travelling with other people in your charge who may require their help during an emergency situation.
  • • You are travelling with a pet in the cabin.
  • • You are taking medication that could prevent you from providing any assistance required.

For more information, see Advance seat selection.

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