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Can I change the name on a ticket?

Name changes for seat and/or ticket bookings are NOT allowed. We therefore kindly request that when you make your booking you enter your full name exactly as stated on the travel document you will show at the airport on the day of the flight.

If you need to correct the name on the ticket, you can request free rectification through our Booking offices in the following cases:

  • Add or remove the first or middle name. For example, María Dolores instead of Dolores, or vice versa.

  • Change one or more letters of the surname. For example, Fernández instead of Hernández; Martín instead of Martínez.

  • Correct a typo in the name/surname. For example, Fernández instead of FernáMdez.

  • Change the name to one of the official languages, e.g. Pere instead of Pedro.

  • Change the order of the surnames or include another one, leaving the name and original surname the same. For example, Vargas Pérez instead of Pérez Vargas; Martín Segura/Antonio instead of Martín/Antonio.

If you bought your ticket through an agency, you must contact them to request a name change.

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