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Can I buy a ticket online securely? offers a very high level of security, both from a technical and organisational point of view:

  1. Secure data storage. Our databases have a robust access control system as well as the relevant mechanisms for registering activities. Credit card numbers, passwords and secret questions are stored encrypted, using a highly secure cryptographic algorithm.
  2. Secure information transfers. Credit card data are transferred through telecommunication networks using a secure protocol and a certificate issued by an accredited entity (VERISIGN).
  3. Secure credit card payments. integrates user authentication mechanisms for the main cards on the market. This authentication guarantees a payment experience that protects the user against possible fraud.
  4. Systems to detect possible intruders. As well as the above measures, the platform has additional security control mechanisms to detect and block possible attacks.
  5. Security audits. The portal is subject to regular security audits to detect any deficiencies in the system and to determine any new measures that need to be implemented to prevent attacks by malicious users.
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