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Biometric boarding using facial recognition

The facial recognition programme will speed up the security and boarding processes at the airport.
If you are over 18 and have a valid Spanish ID card, version 3.0, or European passport, you can use facial recognition to board by following the steps below (available on the Madrid - Barcelona and Barcelona - Madrid routes).

  • Register with the programme
    Open the Iberia app, go to your Personal Area and follow the instructions to take a digital capture of your ID document, scan the chip on your ID document and make a recognition of your face through the camera on your mobile phone. The software will determine whether the face in the selfie matches the one in your photo ID.

  • Link your boarding pass to facial recognition
    Once you have checked in online through the Iberia app, you will receive a notification if your flight accepts biometric boarding.

  • Go through security
    A set of cameras will detect you as you approach the biometric gate, which will open when your profile is recognised.

  • Go through the boarding gate
    Another set of cameras will recognise you as you approach the biometric boarding gate, which will open automatically without you having to show your document.

If your mobile phone does not have NFC, then you need to register at the kiosk for this purpose in the check-in area for the Air Shuttle.

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