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Are there any restrictions on the food and/or drink I can take on board or in my checked baggage?

Most countries have restrictions on the type and quantity of liquid you can take in your hand luggage. This includes gels, creams, pastes and liquid food like jam and jelly. Solid food is permitted on board, although the destination country may ban the entry of certain types of food. Please keep in mind the liquid restrictions for hand luggage.

You can put food and drink in your checked baggage provided they are suitably packed in unbreakable containers to prevent accidents (perishable and fragile items and bottles travel at your own risk). The airport staff may refuse transport if they consider that an item has not been suitably packed.

Animal products (meat, milk and by-products) may contain pathogens that transmit contagious diseases. The European Union and other countries therefore impose strict controls and procedures on taking these food products into another country. Before you travel, check with the relevant customs department whether the food you want to take is permitted.

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