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Why is it that such different fares can apply on a single flight? What factors are responsible?

The fares that apply depend on supply and demand at any given moment. There are many circumstances that cause differences between one fare and another, not just the availability of seats for a specific period or flight, but also the conditions under which they're purchased, the length of stay, or the policy regarding changes to flights and refunds.

In general, fare tariffs are divided into two broad groups or families, "tariffs without restrictions" and "tariffs where restrictions apply". The latter category is subdivided depending on several factors such as: whether changes/refunds are allowed upon payment of a penalty or not at all, whether they must be reserved or bought a certain length of time before travel, whether they require a minimum or maximum length of stay at the destination, whether the trip is undertaken in one season or another, and the departure/destination point of the reservation.

Plus there are discount fares and special offers for specific groups travelling as NGO volunteers, sailors or for businesspeople, exhibitors and press attending trade fairs and congresses.
For now there is no discount fare for customers over the age of 65 (except for inter-Balearic flights),  military personnel, single-parent family, people with a disability or pilgrims. However, on our website you will find a number of very interesting special price offers, depending on flight dates and availability.

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