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Why is it that such different fares can apply on a single flight? What factors are responsible?

We offer different types of tickets and fares in our travel classes for flights in Europe and intercontinental flights. Each fare has its own terms and conditions which are designed to meet your needs as closely as possible. These terms and conditions may vary according to the flight, and we therefore recommend that you check them during the purchase process. 
Once you have selected your origin/destination and dates in our flight searcher, the prices will be displayed underneath the names of the different fares. To find out exactly which services are offered (seat selection, baggage in hold, changes, refunds, etc.), click on each item. This will open a window with all the details and terms and conditions of each fare.

Check which rates offers you according to your needs:

  • In the Economy cabin: Basic, Optimal, Comfort and Flexible.
  • In the Premium Economy cabin: Premium Economy Promotional and Premium Economy Flexible (only available for long haul flights).
  • In the Business cabin: Business Promotional and Business Flexible.

You can also add the options offered during the purchase process or at a later time to ensure a personalised experience that meets your needs.

Plus there are discount fares and special offers for specific groups travelling as NGO volunteers, sailors or for businesspeople, exhibitors and press attending trade fairs and congresses.
For now there is no discount fare for customers over the age of 65 (except for inter-Balearic flights),  military personnel, people with a disability or pilgrims. However, on our website you will find a number of very interesting special price offers, depending on flight dates and availability.

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