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What is understood by a minor?

We consider a person to be a minor if he or she has not yet turned eighteen years of age on the flight date.
Fares are applied depending on the passenger's age range:
 For infants under 2 years old (two before the trip ends) (INF) : You pay between 30% and 10% of the fare and the child does not occupy a seat. The child has the same baggage allowance as an adult and additionally you can bring a baby chair/collapsible stroller or a car seat.
From 2 until 11 years old (CHD) : You pay 50% of the fare on domestic flights with full fare (that is, without restrictions). On reduced fares, a percentage is applied depending on the chosen fare. On international flights this percentage varies depending on the destination and the fare applied. This discount will not be applied on certain special offers. The minors occupy a seating space on the flight and are given the same baggage allowance as the adult passenger accompanying them. In order for them to travel alone, you must always hire our Companion Service.
Starting from 12 years of age (ADT) : An adult fare is applied and although they can fly alone with us, we offer you our companion Service.

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