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What is the electronic ticket number?

The electronic ticket number (TKT or e-Ticket) is a 13-digit code in which the first three numbers identify the airline that issued the ticket. The Iberia identifier is 075.

After you have booked a flight via Iberia.com, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the number of your ticket. This number will always begin with 075, and will be followed by your booking code or localizer.
If it appears as "pending" (Request mail in progress), it means that the ticket is still being issued and you will receive the confirmation email with all the details when this process has finished. If you still do not receive a confirmation email, we recommend that for your own peace of mind you call our Iberia offices to check that everything is in order.

Once you have obtained your boarding pass, you will see the ticket number and booking reference at the top right-hand corner, under the barcode.

All fees and taxes levied on air transport, which may represent a significant part of the final price, are included in the ticket price and will be itemised, once they have been added to the ticket price, in the fees and taxes field.

We recommend that you keep your confirmation email with all your travel details until the end of your trip.

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