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What happens if I forget my Iberia Plus number or don't have my PIN?

If you don't have your Iberia Plus card to hand and don't remember your number, contact your Iberia Plus Services Centre. You can also find the number at the top left-hand corner of all emails we send you.

If you forget your PIN or aren't sure what it is, you should go to the Personal Areaand click on "Forgotten or don't have a PIN?". You'll be asked to provide your Iberia Plus number. We will then give you three ways of obtaining a new PIN:

  • You may answer the security question you provided when you registered. If you don't remember the answer to your security question, you can click on the link that appears below it ("If you don't remember the answer, click here"). We'll ask you for your Iberia Plus card number, the type and number of identity document and other information corresponding to your personal details stored at Iberia Plus.
  • Be sent a new PIN to your email account.
  • Provide additional information, which we have in our Iberia Plus database. To avoid problems, you will be able to answer in upper case or lower case, regardless of how you entered the information requested when you originally filled out your details.

If the PIN has expired, follow the instructions given by the system when you enter it. Remember that you must choose a different PIN, although you can always change it for one you prefer in the My Profile> User information > Password menu.

Your account has been blocked. Please contact us through our Iberia Plus Form

The Iberia Plus card does not require activation, even in cases of prolonged inactivity.

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