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Luggage check-in on flights with stopovers or connections

"Transfer Luggage" is defined as checked-in luggage which has to travel on two or more connecting flights and therefore must be transferred from one aircraft to another.

You can check in with your baggage for connecting different flights, provided that the locator or booking reference is the same.
In most cases, your baggage will be labeled to go directly to your final destination. The baggage tag receipt that we give you when dropping off your baggage always states your bag’s final destination.

When transferring, you only need to collect your baggage and check it in again for your connecting flight, if:

  • You have purchased two or more tickets under different locator or booking reference.
  • You transfer from a Iberia flight to a domestic flight (when country regulations require travelers to comply with customs and immigration procedures at their first point of entry,for example in the USA).
  • You arrive at one airport and your connecting flight departs from another airport.
  • Your connecting flights are not on the same day and the total transfer time exceeds 12 hours.  
  • Part of your journey is by bus or rail.

Passengers will be advised at the airport of origin regarding where they should collect their luggage.

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