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Is a discount available for large families?

The Official State Gazette of Monday 18 December 2006 published Order 3837/2006 of the Ministry of Development, which establishes the entry into force of discounted national air fares for members of large families.

  Discount Applicability
General large family 5 %

Large families from Spain, from the EU/EEA or of any other nationality, whose residency in Spain is recognised and who are in possession of a large-family certificate issued by the autonomous community in which they live.

Special large family 10 %

The discount is applicable, at the express request of the beneficiary, to domestic tickets issued in Spain as of 1 January 2007 for regular flights and to all routes within Spanish territory.

The discount applies to the face value of all fares, as shown on the corresponding ticket, with the single exception of Business Class fares, in which case the discount is limited to the amount of the reduction applicable to the fare in Full Economy Class.

Tickets that qualify for large-family subsidisation may only include national journeys.

In cases in which both circumstances apply, the large-family discount shall be added to the subsidy corresponding to residency.

Under no circumstances shall the large-family discount be applied retrospectively.

The discount also applies to ticket-handling costs, with the same criterion where limits are concerned as in the case of the reduction for residents.

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