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How does the Iberia Plus card work?

Get your Iberia Plus card free to accumulate Avios that you can exchange for flights and services from the associated companies. Register and start to earn Avios on all of your flights.
Collect Elite Points to access higher Iberia Plus levels and enjoy more advantages and premium benefits:

Tarjeta Iberia Plus CLÁSICA

Clásica cardmore information

Tarjeta Iberia Plus PLATA

Plata cardmore information
oneworld: Ruby

Tarjeta Iberia Plus ORO

Oro cardmore information
oneworld: Sapphire

Tarjeta Iberia Plus PLATINO

Platino cardmore information
oneworld: Emerald

Infinita card: more information
oneworld: Emerald

Infinita Prime card: more information
oneworld: Emerald

Your children can also have their own Iberia Plus Kids card.

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