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How can I retrieve details of a reservation made using Iberia.com and purchase my ticket?

So long as your reservation was made at Iberia.com, you can go ahead with the purchase of your reserved seat from Booking management.

  • Without loging in: Once the page is open, enter the reservations code and the passenger's surname and click on continue. The reservations details will appear on the next screen, and two options are available : cancel trip plan (if you do no wish to buy the ticket) and confirm (if you wish to buy the ticket). Click on confirm and on the following screen complete the details needed to finalize the purchase of your ticket.
  • From the "Personal Area:" Access and we will then show you the list of reservations and purchases made via our Web site. To view the trip details, click on the booking record locator or on the option "view detail", this option allows you to view the details of your trip or confirm the purchase. Enter the details needed to complete the purchase of your ticket.

There are exceptions due to the purchase conditions, which will not allow you to retrieve a booking to buy it online, and/or leave a booking pending purchase.

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