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How can I request a special service for passengers who have an illness or have reduced mobility?

Travellers with special needs are the individuals who have an illness, whether recent or chronic, who are pregnant or are recent mothers, and other cases where special help is needed when travelling (wheel chairs, stretchers, etc.). General regulations recommend persons who have the following recent or chronic illnesses to consult their doctor before travelling:

Cardiovascular problems

Chronic respiratory problems

Severe anaemia

Unstable diabetes or cancer

If the person is taking immunosuppressant medications

Or if their condition to travel is in question for any reason In some cases, these must be treated as a medical case, with authorisation needed from the Medical Service to be able to fly:

Need for oxygen to be supplied

Use of an independent incubator in cases of premature babies Inability to understand and carry out instructions

Patients with acute or chronic illnesses, or who are convalescing from surgical operations for whom their transport could cause aggravation or death due to their characteristics at the time of the flight.

Persons with Reduced Mobility are those with physical incapacity (sensory or locomotory), diminished intellectual faculties, an age, illness or any other cause of disability, who use a means of transport and whose situation needs special attention and requires adapting the services available to all passengers to the needs of that individual.

In Iberia, with the collaboration of the Airport Management of each country, we have revised processes to facilitate your travels and we work daily on designing more accessible airplanes and specific procedures to each need. With great pleasure, we are constantly learning in order to offer you the safe and comfortable journey that you deserve.

Plan your trip with time and take into account all your needs. Ask Serviberia , where they will give you detailed information and manage any special services request that you may need and our specialists will advise you on all procedures. We recommend that you make the special assistance request at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight to ensure that everything is available at your arrival.

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