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How can I pay at Iberia.com?

Payment for tickets can only be made using the credit and debit cards accepted by Iberia, through PayPal or by bank transfer through SOFORT:
  • Visa, American Express, UATP/Airplus, Diners Club, Master Card (except Maestro card) and Access.
  • Visa Electron, 4B und Red 6000.
  • PayPal (available in the euro zone countries).
  • SOFORT, bank transfer for payments in euros (only available in Ireland).
  • Aplazame: instant credit available on iberia.com in Spain.

If when your payment card is charged, the card issuer doesn't authorize the transaction, we will inform you of the problem via e-mail, in order to check if the details you have provided are correct or to provide us with a new payment card.
Remember that Iberia does not accept virtual cards for the purchase of tickets.

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