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How can I enjoy my Avios?

  1. You can book flights with Iberia for yourself or for whoever you want in exchange for your Avios
  2. Enjoy your Avios and use them to get a discount when you book your tickets.
  3. You can combine money and Avios (Cash&Avios)  and book hotel stays and cars.
  4. Spend them on leisure offers, or purchase goods from the more than  90 partners you have at your disposal.
  5. Use your Avios to get discounts on the total cost of your ticket. You'll also get Avios for the total fare and the miles flown.
  6. You can transfer, buy or give your Avios to anyone else who has an Iberia Plus card.
  7. Use your Avios to change your booking from tourist class (Y, B or H rate) to Business at your Iberia Plus Service Centre or Iberia Sales Office.

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