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Can I take alcohol, tobacco or cash on my trip?

According to current European regulations, on entering or leaving the European Union it is possible to take up to 10,000 euro (€) in cash or equivalent in other currencies or assets without having to declare it. All amounts exceeding this figure must be declared to the customs authorities. Some member states also control the cash that people carry when travelling between countries of the EU.

Similarly, in the United States there is the obligation to customs declare all cash amounts of over 10,000 American dollars ($) brought into or taken out of the country. However, for further details contact the embassy of the country where you are going to travel.

Tobacco and alcohol

When travelling from one EU country to another, you can take tobacco and alcohol products with you for personal use, but not for resale. If you are travelling with tobacco or alcohol and you stay within the personal-use thresholds, you won't have to pay excise duty in the EU country you are going to.

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