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Can I safely buy a ticket online?

Iberia.com offers a very high level of security, both from the technical and organisational point of view:

Security in storage of data
Our databases have a robust system for controlling access, as well as the corresponding mechanisms for recording activities. Credit card numbers, passwords and secret questions are stored encrypted, using a high security level cryptographic algorithm.

Security in transfers of information
Credit card transfer by telecommunications is carried out using secure protocol and using a certificate issued by an accredited organization (VERISIGN).

Safe credit card payment
Iberia.com integrates user authentication mechanisms for the market's most important cards. This authentication guarantees a payment experience that protects the user against possible fraud.

Systems for detecting possible intruders
As well as the above measures, we would like to point out that the iberia.com platform has additional security control devices installed on the network, the purpose of which is the detection and blocking of possible attacks.

Security Audits
The iberia.com portal is subject to regular security audits aimed at indicating any new deficiencies in the system as well as the measures to be taken, in order to warn it of attacks by malicious users.

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