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Can I buy tickets with a large-family discount on iberia.com?

The large family discount is applied directly at www.iberia.com. You just need to mark the category type that you have and the discount code in the purchasing process.

Those travelling on the Puente Aéreo service or IB5000 flights will need to call 901 111 500 to make reservations.

In order for it to be possible to apply the large-family discount, all the passengers covered by a reservation must be entitled to the reduction.

Please remember that large-family status must be accredited. Is to be accredited by means of the presentation of an official large-family certificate or an equivalent personal document. In either case, the document presented must have been issued by the relevant autonomous community, must be valid and must remain in force until the date on which the journey being undertaken ends. Passengers will be asked to show their accreditation when checkin or boarding, and it is thus vital for them to have it on their person with the rest of their documentation. Iberia shall be forced to refuse to allow passengers with discounted tickets if they are unable to provide their large-family accreditation.

The discount will be applied to journeys whose point of departure or destination is in national territory (Spain) exclusively.

If any of the passengers is unable to accredit his/her status as a member of a large family, he/she must make a separate reservation.

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