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How to check in at iberia.com

Online check-in at Iberia.com in 5 simple steps – you just need a computer or tablet with an internet connection. If you have a smartphone you can log into iberia.mobi or download the apps for iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

  1. Searching for your booking:
    Select one of the two options available to supply the search data.
  2. Flight selection:
    You can select the flight/s you wish to check-in for.
  3. Seat selection:
    You can choose and reserve your seat with Iberia.com from the time of purchase. If your fare does not include the possibility of choosing and reserving a seat, you can do it before you fly at a better price than at the airport. Check the conditions, depending on the cabin class you wish to fly in
  4. Confirm data:
    You should check that all the data are correct before the boarding passes are issued.
  5. Boarding pass issue:
    You can print out the boarding pass on a PDF document, receive the mobile pass by email or receive a text message with a link to display or download your mobile pass. 1 copy of the boarding pass per flight or leg.
    And, if you use an iPhone or iPod with version iOS6 or later, you can easily download your mobile boarding pass to your Passbook wallet.

If you are travelling with hand baggage only, check the boarding gate on the flight information screens and go directly to the gate after first passing through the security checks* where you must show your documentation.

* Having authorised the online check-in procedures, the security services at the airports may, under exceptional circumstances, restrict and/or limit access to the boarding areas. If this happens to you, please contact our airport personnel who will be happy to help you.

How to enjoy your Avios with the Iberia Group, Vueling and British Airways
If I'm travelling on a flight operated by Vueling, how many pieces/kilos of baggage can I check in?

If you are travelling by connecting an IB5XXX flight with an Iberia or Iberia Regional flight, the Iberia baggage carriage conditions will apply throughout the whole of the journey to your destination, both in terms of baggage allowance and in terms of excess.

If you are travelling on an IB5XXX flight and/or in transit between IB5XXX flights, the free baggage allowance will be one piece of baggage weighing 23 kg.
When the weight of the piece is more than 23 kg, every kilo over will be subject to a € 12 surcharge, up to a maximum of 50 kg. The surcharge per additional piece is € 25 payable at the airport plus € 12 per kilo of the weight of that piece.

If you would like more information about the Iberia baggage allowance, please consult Baggage allowance in hold.