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pet travel to venezuela

Other related questions

How can I find the most competitive prices?

From the main page or from the advanced search option you can select the country of origin for the booking to check flight availability and prices.

Please remember that bookings are governed by the regulations on fees and terms and conditions of bookings in the country of origin, which may include additional management charges.
Prices are calculated and charged in the local currency of the country of origin selected. If the card with which you are paying invoices you in a different currency from the new one, there may be a difference between the final amount displayed and the amount charged to your account..
Depending on the country of origin you select, there may be different security measures for payments and you may need to present the card with which you paid at the airport of departure.

You can also issue tickets against your Avios from any country where this form of purchase/booking is allowed.

Can I travel with pets? Pets (such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.) that meet legal and documentary requisites may be accepted as hold or cabin luggage.
To be able to travel in the cabin, the animals should be of a specific weight and size, except for Guide dogs.

The maximum weight allowed for the animal, including the carrier or cage in which it is travelling, will be 8 Kg. The container may be a maximum of 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in depth, provided that the sum of those 3 measurements does not exceed 105 cm.

As the number of cages is restricted on the basis of the type of aeroplane involved, the carriage of animals must be authorised by the booking office. Authorisation will only be given for journeys when all legs thereof are confirmed. The size and weight of animals must be in keeping with the limits established for inbound and outbound flights alike.

In no case will the animal be able to come out of the carrier inside the cabin, and the passenger shall be responsible for looking after it.

As a general rule:

- Carriage of live animals should take place in the aircraft hold, in carriers or containers which are provided by the passenger
- Carriers should be sturdy and secure, comfortable for the size of the animal and should provide ventilation, have a waterproof base and a latch which ensures that they will not open at any time. Read more on www.iata.org 
- Animals in the hold are not accepted on IB5XXX flights. 

Please remember that if the carrier does not meet the minimum conditions for acceptance, it will be refused boarding. You can purchase such a kennel at larger pet shops or specialist shipping agents.

For further information consult Carriage of domestic pets.