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What substances do the liquid regulations cover?

All liquids, including all kinds of drinks - even water -, perfumes, soups, lotions, oils, gels, hair gel, pastes, toothpaste, creams, facemasks, mixtures of solids/liquids, sprays, shaving foam, aerosols, deodorants, creams and other articles of a similar consistency.

What requirements do mechanically activated wheelchairs have to fulfil in order to be accepted on a flight?

If the wheelchair is activated by a dry-cell battery, the terminals should be insulated and the accumulator disconnected and fastened to the chair. For wheelchairs activated by wet-cell batteries, they should be able to be unloaded, stowed, secured, and unloaded, always in a vertical position, with the accumulator disconnected and secured to the wheelchair and the terminals insulated.

Mechanically driven wheelchairs will be considered as part of the passenger's personal belongings or items and will therefore not be subject to charges for excess luggage.

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I confirm my booking

Although you do not need to reconfirm the booking with Iberia, if you wish to check the details on your ticket, you can do so in the following ways.

On our website at iberia.com, by accessing Bookings management. You will need to enter the 6-digit booking code and a passenger surname. You can revise your travel details: passenger information, your flight details (dates, times, seats) and method of payment or selected delivery.

Through our Serviberia service, on + 34 901 111 500. Choose option 2 on the voice menu and then give the 6 digits from the booking code and a passenger surname.

If you have yet to start your journey, you will receive details about the number of passengers travelling, flight origin and destination and flight times. Voice recognition will also ask you for a contact telephone number at the destination. If you have started your journey, you will receive the same information but only about the return flights.

Should there be any inherent changes to the scheduling of your flight, you will be informed immediately via SMS to your mobile or in an e-mail sent to your e-mail address.