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iberia airlines credit card

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What do I need to sign up in Iberia Plus?

If you are an Iberia Plus Program customer, you will have received a secret code number (password) or PIN in your e-mail, to access your personal area where you can modify your contact details, add yourself to the mailing list, etc., and these changes will be recorded automatically on-line.

How to enjoy your Avios with the Iberia Group, Vueling and British Airways
How does the Iberia Plus card work? Get your Iberia Plus card free to accumulate Avios that you can exchange for flights and services from the associated companies.
Register and start to earn Avios on all of your flights.

Iberia offers four different cards, depending on the Avios you accumulate flying with the Iberia Group, Vueling and the oneworld Alliance (Elite Points):

Tarjeta Iberia Plus CLÁSICA

CLASSIC cardmore information

Tarjeta Iberia Plus PLATA

SILVER cardmore information
oneworld: Ruby

Tarjeta Iberia Plus ORO

GOLD cardmore information
oneworld: Sapphire

Tarjeta Iberia Plus PLATINO

PLATINUM cardmore information
oneworld: Emerald

Enjoy more advantages and very exclusive benefits.

Your children can also have their own Iberia Plus Kids card.
What do I do if my Iberia Plus card goes missing or is stolen? Should any of these circumstances occur, contact your service centre, where you will be able to apply for your card to be reissued.

We will send you a new card with the same number as the previous one. If you wish, you can provisionally print the picture of your card via the website by accessing your personal area.
What are the Iberia Sendo and Iberia Max cards? They are all credit cards. By shopping with Iberia Sendo and Iberia Max cards you automatically accumulate Avios.
Iberia Sendo are two complementary credit cards (an American Express and a Visa) that automatically gain you Avios on your purchases. < br /> For further information www.iberiacards.es
The Mastercard Iberia Max card is promoted through the more than 8,000 branches of , Grupo Banco Popular, BBVA and Caja Madrid, and Iberia Cards through the company's website. The card enables you to accumulate Avios and decide each month how much you want to pay.