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costo de los pasajes

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Can I make a reservation without being registered at Iberia.com? Yes. To make a reservation or purchase your tickets it isn't necessary to register or have an account set up at iberia.com. Nonetheless registered Iberia Plus customers will have their personal details recorded (passenger name, payment method, etc.) to facilitate their purchases, thus benefitting from the advantages of being an Iberia Plus customer.

To make a reservation or purchase without registering you should select the option "If you are not a member of our Iberia Plus Program" and then "Continue providing passenger details".
How can I find the most competitive prices?

From the main page or from the advanced search option you can select the country of origin for the booking to check flight availability and prices.

Please remember that bookings are governed by the regulations on fees and terms and conditions of bookings in the country of origin, which may include additional management charges.
Prices are calculated and charged in the local currency of the country of origin selected. If the card with which you are paying invoices you in a different currency from the new one, there may be a difference between the final amount displayed and the amount charged to your account..
Depending on the country of origin you select, there may be different security measures for payments and you may need to present the card with which you paid at the airport of departure.

You can also issue tickets against your Avios from any country where this form of purchase/booking is allowed.