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Iberia Plus Centers You can contact the Iberia Plus Center for any doubts or queries related to Iberia Plus:
E-mail: ibplus@iberia.com (please write your Iberia Plus number in the subject of your e-mail. Requests will only be attended if written in Spanish or English.)
Telephone: 901 201 214 24h (Monday through Sunday). 
Fax: (+34) 913742707 
Address: Apdo. Correos 62033 · 28080 MADRID (Postal address only
Why should I join the Iberia Plus program?

To take advantage of the program benefits, and because not only would your obligatory personal details be stored (meaning you don't have to fill them out every time you make a purchase), but you would also be able to obtain information on your Iberia Plus card and exclusive special offers for Program members, building up Avios right from the outset.

What do I need to sign up in Iberia Plus?

If you are an Iberia Plus Program customer, you will have received a secret code number (password) or PIN in your e-mail, to access your personal area where you can modify your contact details, add yourself to the mailing list, etc., and these changes will be recorded automatically on-line.