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Between economic class and basic. What is the difference?

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What's the difference between Business Class and reduced Business Class? The service, seat and customer care are all the same. The difference lies solely and exclusively in the fare and ticket restrictions, primarily when changing times, cancellations and possible changes to routes. While "Business Rate" does not carry any type of restriction in terms of changes, the "Reduced Business" Rate may involve penalties or prohibitions if customers wish to make changes to the information on the original ticket.
What does Class stand for in a ticket?

The booking class for each flight corresponds to a letter. This system of classes is the standard one used throughout the airline industry. It means that fares have different conditions in terms of reimbursements, cancellations, etc., and they relate directly to the amount paid for the ticket and the space available in each class on different flights. The allocation of letters by Business and Tourist cabin depends on the route. The following is an example of how classes are distributed on an aircraft:

configuration of aircraft by classes in cabin

J , C , A : Business without restrictions
D , I : Business with restrictions
U : Business Avios
Y : Tourist without restrictions
B , H , K , M , L , V , S , N , P , Q , O : Tourist with restrictions
W : Tour Operators
G : Groups
W : Special agreements
T , X : Tourist Avios

What do I need to do to request and obtain a special service on a reservation made via Iberia.com?

Since the special services that Iberia offers require a certain amount of notice for us to make them available, or for us to verify details, they can't be requested at Iberia.com. Therefore, once you complete your reservation, you must make the request via the habitual Information and reservation channels such as Iberia Offices, Reservation Centers or Travel Agencies.

Please remember that special services have to be requested and confirmation received before the day of departure. Otherwise the request will be denied

Types of fares

Discover rates for you to fly around Spain and the rest of Europe:

Basic rate : if you are traveling with hand luggage only.

Classic rate : If you are traveling with suitcase and want to choose a seat.

Flexible Rate : if you need the flexibility to make changes to your reservation.

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