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What is the boarding procedure?

To make boarding faster, easier and more efficient, we have created a system whereby passengers enter the aircraft in groups. This greatly facilitates the whole process.
The first groups to board are:

PRIORITY: Customers in Business or preferential class, holders of Iberia Singular, Iberia Plus Platino and Oro cards, and holders of equivalent oneworld cards.
GROUP A: Customers with special needs (PRM), for those travelling with young children, those with just one personal item (except stopovers in Africa and long-haul flights), and other special customers.

Once these priority groups have boarded, all the remaining passengers will be called according to the position of their seat on the aircraft:

GROUP 1: Customers occupying seats at the rear of the aircraft.
GROUP 2: Customers occupying seats in the middle of the aircraft.
GROUP 3: Customers occupying seats at the front of the aircraft.

You can check your designated group on your boarding pass, next to the boarding time. Customers with no group indicated on their pass will board at the end of the process.

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