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If I'm already a member of the Iberia Plus program , can I make a reservation for another person from my "Iberia Plus Personal area"?

Yes, so long as that person will be travelling with you.

If, on the other hand, you wish to make the reservation for someone without travelling yourself, then we offer you the option of making a reservation without this person needing to join the Iberia Plus program, using the option "If you are not a member of our Iberia Plus Program" and then "Continue providing passenger details". This option is the one that allows you to make reservations without the need to be an Iberia Plus member.

If you made the reservation from your "personal area", all the details applied to the reservation would be your own and not the person's for whom you wish to make the reservation.

You will need to access this service via your "Personal Area"only where the reservation you wish to make is in exchange for Avios and is for one of the beneficiaries you have registered in your Iberia Plus account.

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