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I confirm my booking

Although you do not need to reconfirm the booking with Iberia, if you wish to check the details on your ticket, you can do so in the following ways.

On our website at iberia.com, by accessing Bookings management. You will need to enter the 6-digit booking code and a passenger surname. You can revise your travel details: passenger information, your flight details (dates, times, seats) and method of payment or selected delivery.

Through our Serviberia service, on + 34 901 111 500. Choose option 2 on the voice menu and then give the 6 digits from the booking code and a passenger surname.

If you have yet to start your journey, you will receive details about the number of passengers travelling, flight origin and destination and flight times. Voice recognition will also ask you for a contact telephone number at the destination. If you have started your journey, you will receive the same information but only about the return flights.

Should there be any inherent changes to the scheduling of your flight, you will be informed immediately via SMS to your mobile or in an e-mail sent to your e-mail address.

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Is it possible to arrange my ticket for another person?
reservation different from itinerary
to see my flight
find out what class your ticket it
how do I find a booking code for a reservation made through American Airlines?
I cannot check into my flight online, can you help me?
we need the booking code for vueling
What is the difference between a reservation code and a booking confirmation
what is your email?
iberian airlines phone number
I did not book through iberia direct and have no reservation code
Aphone number for customer service
what is basic ticket
What is my booking code
costumer support phone number
i dont have my booking refrence
i have confirmation code but not email with e ticket
is thercharges for liquior on flight
check in time for long haul flights
find my assigned seats
how make flght confirmation
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I need to confirm whether or not my flight payment has gone through
Need to confirm my ticket
Phone number customer service in English
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booked and it request confirmation
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my confirmation code is not working
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What is the booking code?
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Would you please confirm, that on my international flight is a fright baggage included.
Ihave a ticket to Madrid I would like check
booked through travelocity abd see no reservationtion
How do I get my booking code for vueling airlines?
i have a reserved code
give me a confirmation
can you give confirmation
How can i have my booking reference if i booked m ticket through aAA
not exepting my booking code
why cant i pay
blank confirmation sent to my email
I want to confirm a reservation
Why can I not check in using my reserve code
How can I find my flight by ticketnumber
How much is the flight in
I do not know how to enter the flight number for lost and found
Do I need to confirm my booked flight
i confirm my booking
I did not get a reservation cofirmation number
i dont have a reservation code because i booked with american airlines
what is flight number
seating on our flight
What is reservation code
How can I get a seat assignment from vueling
How to have my ticket on passbook
How to I confirm my flight
seat assignment for reseration made at american airlines
Do I have assigned seating for my flight?
i am trying to check in and i cannot. please confirm why? for
didnt get my confirmation
How to book multiple route
how do i book?
I need to find my Iberia confirmation booking number
bow do I reconfirm flights
I,m trying to book luggage on line
I need my booking code to acc ac ess my reservation
Locate my reservation LL
Can you clarify a ticket number for me
Lost booking. Frank Tidy
How can a find a reservation without my code
Can I change my seat after checking
customer service phone number US
must i confirm my returnbooking with iberia oran
what is the confermation mail
customer service telephone number?
I still did not get a confirmation of my booking
how can i look up ticket number on a recent flight
phone number for Iberia USA please
How can I find out where my seats are?
Please advise, do you assign seats in advance
can I get my seat assigned
can I get seat assignments?
how to find a reservation
I need to confirm my flight
I need to check my reservation
I want to confirm the flights
where do I purchase online extra baggage, I do not see it
where can i find my reservation code
confirm if passenger is on flight
How do I affirm m flight?
lost my emial with booking
Not received e mail
I made a reservation for the Internet, but I am sharp on the way and cannot confirm it for the last
Lost my ticket need a new one
I made a reservation for the Internet, but I am sharp on the way and cannot confirm itAny questions?
to check a flyght
how to got my ticket
if you dont confirm your booking
I book my reservation via Trafalgar. Can I check the reservation?
no email confirmation of the tickets
Change seat after checking in
assign seat in advance
how can I confirm my trip
how do i find out how many points are needed for a flight
i cannot find my reservation code
no e-tickets by email
so it s possible to check our luggage just to Panama
I booked a flight, but no mail ist coming to me. No confirmation.
iberia lost and founds
check my flight information
HOw can I book seats on a confirmed flight?
How do I confirm a fly
I need seat assignments for a flight I purchased
confirmation of a reservation
how can i confirm my ticket payment acknowledgement
how i find my ticket itinerary
how do i confirm my ticket
booking reference or flight number
lost my iberia pls card
how can I find my booking
what is means family book code
Check on incoming flight
How can I change an assigned seat after check-in
plz virafy my booking
How can I find the Vueling booking code
how i can chancel the flight?
check my upcoming fligjt
how to use past flights
locate my ticket eletronico
plz check my booking
I can not check-online
would like to confirm my flight
how to print out reservtion
phone number for reservations
why cant i book in
Where is my reservation code
how to print out itinerary
i cannot find my booking
i want a phone number
how do i find my flight info if i lost my confirmation
manage my booking site
Cannot find confirmation number on flight
Is my flight confirmed
how do i change my seat assignemnt
I can not find how to book the seats
Would like to confirm my reservations please
How can I find out if fuelsurcharge are refundable
how to find my e-ticket
format of phone number
how to confirm a reservaton
how to I find the flight numbers
I have already booked my flight and I haven´t received any confirmation to my email.
I did not get booking code of my booking
tried to book a flight from MAD to RAK(MARRAKECH). Not getting any response.
what is a reservation code
can not find booking
assign seats on flight
kayak purchased flights and seat assignments
i have not receive my confirmation email
how to check my reservation if i bought my ticket on orbitz?
how can i change my seat assignment
how long does it take to receive my confirmation email
Where can I find out what kind of plane I will be on?
Reservation code for partner flights
flight confirmation is required?
How I can get the confirmation
I am looking for a flight to Barcelona
need a seat assgned
How do I complete this booking?
i want to check everything on my ticketing
i want to confirm my flight plz
how to book online
I need to fjnd out my reservatikn code
boston logan phone number
how do i get seats for a flight
how do you confirm a flight
is this booking confirmed
I want to view my confirmed reservation
phone number in mexico
o i make reservation online
check online for flight t Bosoton USA
phone number in NYC?
Do you need to reconfirm your return flights
double booking by mistake
double booking-what do I do
How to confirm flight?
i cannot check into my flight from marrakech
phone number in the uk
phone number ib plus oro
I have not received booking confirmation
how to get an assigned seat
payment not going through
i want confirm my fliht
make on line booking
why is payment site not going through?
phone number to call to confirm a ticket
I need to find out if I can check a bag if I purchase a basic ticket from Madrid to Jerez?
custumer service telephone number
seat assignment on american airlines
Am I charged for my double stroller for my toddlers?
cannot find my ticket number
Do I have to reconfirm my returnticket?
How can I confirmed my flight reservation?
how i find the boooking
I am flying on a flight operated by American Airlines. How do I get seat assignments?
No. Do I recieve my ticket through email?
why I can not do a check on line for the trip from madrid to santiago de chile
i put the wrong email address in for my confirmation
I have not received a confirmation email for ticket
I need to confirm the modifications on my flight.
Hi. I would like to know my seat assignment before I fly? How can I do this?
how can I change my seats on a confirmed flight?
I just need to check my reservation, that"s all
How conform my reservation?
how do i find out what our seat assigments are?
How do I request a seat assignment for my upcoming flight?
How to verify a reservation?
reservation code for codesharing
What is a phone number for Iberia?
Why not have confirmation of ticket purchase
I think that my husband is double in your database
Can I use ticket number to get reservation code
can you get seat assignments in advance?
can you show current reservations
cant find my reservation
How can I request seats for my flight?
how do I get an assigned seat
I made the reservations with orbitz
I need to confirm a reservation has been payed for
iberia chicago phone number
my flight itinerary number
what is the phone number for iberia in spain
find an old reservation
how do I change the seat assignment?
How do we get seat assignments
how to get seat assigned
Call centre telephone number
Can I obtain a seat assignment before my flight?
I need seats assignments where do I book them
london cargo telephone number
Phone number for Iberia in Sevilla
phone number in english
Serviberia uk phone number
I would like to know if i can book a very small dog onto the flight from Ibiza to Palma
what is the phone number for Iberia ticket offices
can i pre-book seats for this flight
could you tell me your phone number?
Do I need to call to reconfirm my flight?
how soon there has to be a purchase confirmation?
I need a phone number of Iberia at Madrid airport
whats your phone number?
I have ticket but I can find it
how can I get my seat assignment?
how can i look up an american airlines flight
?ould tou find out something?
assign seats in advance
can I assign seats for ticketed passengers
confirm flight and seat
dont have confirmation number
what is the telephone number if i have a question regarding my flight of tomorrow
where can I see my reservations?
what is my flight number
how can i get my resevation code
how can I see my reservation?
hi, i would like a seat chart for your planes
how can I check my reservation
How can I confirm my check-in information?
How do I confirm an Iberia requested change to my itinerary?
how do i get my reservation code
my confirmaion code is not working. i have my confirmaion code and ticket numbers can you help me?
Need seat assignment confirmed.
what do i do with my reseravtion number
where do i put my reseravtion number
where do i type my reservation code
i am travelling onwards to Toronto and why can I not log into BA website to reconfirm my departure ?
I still dont have a confirmation of my booking
How can I find e-ticket?
how do I comfir my flight
how do i find the ticket class
How do i find what seat i am in for my flight
how do I reconfirm my booking and select seats from London to Toronto on BA
how many rows of seats on the flight
is there no online-check possibility
what is a flight reservation code
what is the phone number for reservations
I got the confirmation of purchase, but my reservation code will not let me online check-in
do i need to reconfirm my flight?
how can i get the confirmation of purchase
how can i get the forgotten reservation code
how do i search for award seats
I´ve booked a flight with Iberia and lost the email with the confirmation. Can I get a confirmation
reserved my seats and have no comfirmation email
seats on the plane
telephone numbers for reservation
yes i want the confirmation of purchase
I cannot check online. Can you please help me ?
can i make an advance seat assignment
dont have reservation code
I clicked "Purchase" and then was not given a confirmation code.
I have not received a confirmation so I do not know my booking number
can you help me with my booking code?
check flights with iberia
Confirm change of flights
How can I review my reservation on line?
i have not received my tickets issued to me by email
i have not received my tickets via email
I need my confirmation number
reconfirm flight in English or German
where do I go tyo buy ticket. We have reservations and we want to pay but do not see prompt
how to confirm a flight
check my seat assignment
i have not receive email confirmation of te ticket
I ned confirmation, I was tolde to CALL today. Do you have a phone number for me?
no confirmation of booking
verify my credit card information.
how to find my seat in the plane plaese
Where do I select seat assignments?
details of my trip
i got the booking code
i want to confirm my reservations for my family and am having trouble
what is your telephone number
where can I check my flight information
where is the class in the reservation to see
change seat assignment after check-in
how do I check my reservation
how do I find my bookings
I cannot view my reservation online to pre-reserve my seat.
Is there a way to see my reservations from my profile?
what is phone number to call for help
Cannot find it on Booking management
I have made a reservation online; did not get confirmation - what is happening ?
is reservation code the same as refence number
The website will not let me complete my booking online
where can I find my: Confirmation Code
can i book with avois via telephone
where can i see my reservation
confirmation of the flights
getting seat assignments for booked flights
how do i assign my seat
how do i find my booking
i have a flight booked from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid - do I have to pay for a checked bag?
i just booked a flight and have had no confirmation please help
i just booked aflight and havent had confirmation
Phone number of Iberia
spain reservations phone number
how do I check my seat assignment
confirmation of booking number
I have a flight booked and wanted to find out about getting assigned aisle seats.
how can i confirm my flight?
How do I re-reserve a booking made yesterday?
How do I search by flight number
I booked on american airlines and need a seat assignment
look up my reservation
whats the ticket number
How do l confirm changes
How to confirm a flgiht
look up existing reservation
phone number to contact
with my reservation code and my confirmation de reserva is enough to fly
how do i confirm a flight
I fear double booking if I reserve the flight again.aif not,
an error has occured, can´t book ticket on internet
I cant´t find my booking
I want to reconfirm my ticket
do i have to check online for a flight?
dutch information telefone number
Is the Email I was sent the ticket or do I purchase tickets online?
Thank for your kindnes.s.If Iwanttobuy ticketts I?I have toenter IBEwebsite again. Isit corect?
what is the phone number for iberia reservations
what is the phone number in the USA to complete my Reservation by phone?
How take new tikets
how to assign seats
Do I need to confirm my flight?
i am looking for flights from guatemala to london
i need my confirmation code
listing on iberia wit zed-ticket
why cant i see seat reservation
would like telephone number to call from boston
Yes please a phone number
yes you do thanks again
I am trying to purchase my booked flight and it does not allow me. I am putting the reservation code
can i assig me seat before the flight
How do I confirm my booking
How do you define a tourist? If I order a basic ticket, can i then bring one piece of handbagage and
I have not received a booking confirmation
I received a confirmation of reservation, but reservation/purchase is still pending?
call center telephone number
can i confirm i am lisred on a certain flight?
can i find my reservation on iberia.com
How can I find out what my Iberia Plus Number is please
how to find my reservation on iberia.com
no in not just need confirmation my ticket number
when can I get seat assignments
How do you close website?
i want a phone number to contact
seating for my flight
How do you reserve a flight with avoids
is there always a fee for a seat assignment?
telephone number to call for reservation
can i change the date if my flight originated from milan
casn i change the date if my flight originated from milan
my ticket states "reservation confirmed" do i have to confirm the ticket again before the flight
Originally I was going to fly with Iberia to Madrid in order to
where do i find my accrediation number?
where do i find the accreditation reference no. to purchase an airline ticket
and could no pay online
how to confirm a reservation
Hello, is it possible to register our company in order to get points or is it reserved to traveller
i dont have Reservation code,, i have only reservation number
i have reservation number only
I am waiting for confirmation
need my confirnmation info
how do i assign a seat to my flight
how to fine my reservation
Please confirm reservation for one dog in the cabin
what is the telephone number to query a booking
where is my booking confirmation?
can i know my reservation code by my name or telephone number?
no i meen the number of ticket or code
when i booked they ask me phone no
where can i find class on the ticket
can we contact by phone to verify credit card
how do I assign seats?
how do i confirm my flight back
I do not have a reservation code
after i was charged, there is no futher confirmed booking information.
can I get advanced seating assignments?
details about my ticket with e-ticket number
How can I check on my flight bookings?
How can I see my reservation code?
i already booked my flight. where is my assigned seat
where can i view my flight information
where do i look for confirm booking
where is my seat on the plane
yes but i have tried and dont know where to pay
do i have to pay for overweight luggage if i have military orders
how do i find the booking reference number for my flight?
i did not recieve any email of confirmation
where to find the reservation number
How to reserve kiteboarding baggage
Hi I am trying to find a list of flights that will be effected by the strike coming up next week?
change seat assignment
find out my number
how do i find my reservation number
I have recieved a reservation code. Please send me the link to purchase my ticket on line
international phone number to call?
look up pending flight
What is your phone number in Spain
where can I find my next trips?
comment reconfirmer mon billet de retour Lanzarote-Barcelone
do not have confirmation code
Iberia phone number at italia
that website is incomplete
How can we reserve seats on our confirmed flights?
I cant find my reservation
I need to contact my reservation office to confirm my reservation
I want to confirm that my flight booked for tomorrow is still going
dont have a reservation code
can you check my reservation?
find my reservation code
i reserved my seat and i just want to confirm it
the reservation is not found
check in without confirmation
find my reservation without number
how can i book a flight by phone
How do I confirm my reservation?
How to request seat assignments for flight on tuesday
i want to confirm my reservation
i want to confirm seating for a flight for tomorrow evening
want to confirm my reservation
can i get another confirmation email?
check my flight booking
how to get reservation code
I booked my f
phone number make contact
what is iberia phone number
with reservation code can i online check-in
no aparece lista de seleccion
what number can i call
Is it possible to get seat assignments for our Sunday flight now?
Is there a telephone numberI can call
can I see my seating assignment
I have a reservation and want to allocate my seat please
how to get assigned seat
The telephone numbers do not work
don have reservation number
i have an Iberia for a flight that is operated by Veuling and want to confirm my reservation
how can I reserve my ticket
How to booked a ticket
is plane codigodevuelo full
booking code for flight booked through Amerian Airlines?
flying with my dog
how do I reconfirm my ticket?
How do i request a seat for my flight
How do you list for a flight on staff standby?
i can not find my booking
iberia plus telephone number
Is my seat confirmed
reconfirm the flight reservation
when does gate close
how to reserve a flight
when will I get confirmation of tickets bought on line?
how can i find my booking number
how can l know if I have made the reservation?
Want to find out cost of flight modification
what is resrvation code
what is the phone number in spain
hello, i would like to get my reservation from my ticket/flight number.
hi, i have a staff ticket with a long reservation number. can i list myself on the flight online?
how can i cofirm my ticket
how can i confirm flights
how can i order extra baggage online?
how do I change seat assignment?
How do I confirm seat assignment
how do i list for a flight using standby tickets?
how much does it cost to order extra luggade?
How to call reservations
how to confirm purchase
i am looking for my flight information, for a flight that was already booked
I need to change seat assignment
i would like to confirm the correction on my ticket by orbitz
need to change my outbound flight from MAdrid to malaga to accomodate a flight change from US.
Phone numbers rejected so cann book. What to do?
What I should do, if I had double booking ?
where can I find my reservation?
where is the booking code
yes, how to confirm booking and seat assignment
ZLNEVL can you check my ticket is cnfm r not
a number for english reservations
available seats on flights
Can I get my seats assigned?
can i have a reservation telephone number please
can i have other seat?
Change of timetable cost
contact iberia phone number
do i have to change airplanes in london
Do we need to confirm that we are going with a flight we have already booked?
do you have a phone number i can call?
flight confirmation on line
Hi I wanted to find out about stand-by tickets
How can I check my flight details
how can i check my timing flight one month before
how can i check on a booking number
How can i get assigned seat on flight
how do i change my seat assignment
how do I change seat assignment on an existing reservation?
How do I know if I have had a reservation?
how do i list my name for the flight?
how to confirm my ticket has been bought?
how to order extra baggage
i already have a seat assignment and would like to change.
I booked a flight through American that is operated by Iberia. Were is the booking code?
I cannot find my flight with my booking code
I cannot locate my reservation
I did purchased my ticket, I dont need confirming it. Which is my reservation office?
I get a open flight not found with my code
I had a email alerting the schedule change and I need to reconfirm by phone.
I have confirmation of reservation. I want buy ticket online, not at Iberia office,how can i do it?
i have reserved tickets online but how to confirm and pay?
I urgently need to confirm my daughters flight details
I want reconfirm my return ticket from Madrid to Lagos(Nigeria for
i want to change my ticket in santo domingo
I want to confirm seat assignments reservation
Iberia luggage tel number
iberia phone number contact
Is it necessary to reconfirm my flight ?
listing for zed ticket
look for my reservation
No. just to verify flights exact time
number to call to confirm booking
Searching my vueling code reservation
The flight reference is not found
the phone number of Iberia
the system is unable to find our booking
vueling airlines booking code
we have bought tickets on your airline on internet. we would like to get a confirmation from you the
what is res. tel. number?
what is the telephone number for iberia?
What is the telephone number in Sevilla to call to check in?
what plane for codigodevuelo
When will I be assigned seats?
where do i find the FQTV BI number on a e-ticket?
Which airplane is codigodevuelo